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Inplay Matrix has been in the sports betting and entertainment industry for many years. In 2017, Inplay Matrix set up their e-sports betting brand, E-SPORTS, combining e-sports and sports betting to create a whole new market! Widely praised by the new generation of players, they are now the leader of e-sports betting industry. IM E-sports has the most professional e-sports team, providing complete and accurate match-related information and odds. They also have a betting layout that suites players from Asia where players can easily make a bet on the betting page. IM E- SPORTS provides players with the most complete and professional e-sports competitions!


The most professional e-sports team that meets all the players’ needs

The team behind IM ESports is composed of professional e-sports players. Their innovative creations and developments create the perfect e-sports betting platform, giving you the ultimate betting experience!

- Clear and simple gaming interface

All the e-sports selections, betting odds, and gaming methods are presented when IM ESports is opened. Besides that, each team analysis is provided so that players can easily choose the match that they want to bet on.

- Most rolling events and handicaps in the industry

You can find any desired event at IM Esports! The complete event list and handicaps are here.

- Instant bet settlement

All a player wants to know after a bet is the results! IM ESports provides instant bet settlement. Each bet is in within the player’s fingertips.


Exclusive! Handicap matches and multiple betting options

The handicap gameplay method that sports betting players can't afford to miss. You may have tried the normal handicap bets, but handicap matches is totally different. The exclusive gameplay is only available at IM Esports. More freedom on the betting methods allow players to have more fun.

Furthermore, IM Eports offers a variety of betting options, such as first kill, first tower, first dragon, etc. Betting options that are not available on other eSports betting platforms can all be found in IM ESports.

To give players a feeling of exciting live betting experience, ESPORTS also supports on-the-spot betting in the game when watching live events, and the players who love electric competitions must not miss the exciting experience!


E-sports competitions that you should not miss

E-sports competitions are held in different seasons. League of Legends is a brilliant game that players can't miss. There are more than 140 matches in the League of Legends competitions every month and you can find them all at IMEsports. They also provide thousands of handicaps so that players can find the one that suits them the most. IM ESPORTS offers all types of major betting such as turret 2, CS:GO, King Glory, etc. There is more than 50 special handicap for players to choose to bet!

E-SPORT provides professional data analysis and a large amount of historical data by its professional analysis team. It also provides users with team rankings, results predictions, handicap recommendations, etc., and provides platform players as a reference. Each event E-SPORT provides high Live quality and live updates of live news, allowing players to enjoy more betting.


The ultimate Esports betting experience at i8

At i8 you can find thousands of games for you to enjoy. For those who love eSports, i8 and Inplay Matrix manufacturers work together to provide the best eSports betting experience. At i8 you can bet your favorite matches more confidently. There is also limited edition offers from time to time to make your play more enjoyable! There are a lot of lottery activities during big events allow you to win more easily when you bet more! Create the most exciting and fun e-sports game hall for you! Don't miss it


Introducing more high-quality esport platform

i8 has partnered with multiple great esports game providers to ensure that players can have the best and most complete gaming experience. You can play your favourite games by visiting the Legend esports. Start enjoying the fun from the esports events and encounter some shocking surprises today!


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